Disinfection Services for Government Facilities in Savanah, GA

Smooth and cost-effective operations are key to any government facility — that includes day-to-day cleaning. Cloudbreak Systems’ government cleaners offer professional cleaning for federal, state, and municipal facilities in Savanah, GA, delivering well-appointed cleans at taxpayer-friendly rates. Keep your facility clean, attractive, and hygienic for the people and communities you serve.

Cloudbreak Systems provides the most reliable disinfection services for government facilities in Savanah, GA.

The PermaSafe two-step disinfection and long-term antimicrobial protection process will eliminate 99.999% of germs and work on almost all surfaces. The use of PermaSafe communicates this trust the minute that customers and employees walk in the door.

Cloudbreak Systems

Cloudbreak Systems Knows Government Facilities

Cloudbreak Systems knows that exceptional cleaning is only possible when cleaners understand the needs and challenges of the spaces they’re servicing. That’s why our cleaning technicians have been trained and certified through Cloudbreak Systems’ comprehensive process of checks and balances. Our cleaning technicians will create a customized cleaning plan for your facility to ensure measurable cleaning and guaranteed results every time. When it comes to government cleaning, no other candidate can win the race against Cloudbreak Systems.

Why Choose Cloudbreak Systems?

Cloudbreak Systems is a distributor of one of the most effective disinfecting and protective products available on the market for killing germs in any setting - offices, homes, restaurants, day cares, automobiles, and more through our revolutionary products: PermaSafe and PermaSafe SHIELD. Our products are designed to provide state-of-the-art disinfection & serve as a long-term microbial control system, as well as a surface protectant engineered for commercial, residential, and fleet vehicle applications.

Based in Savannah, GA, and founded in 2016, Cloudbreak Systems stresses a simple but effective culture to its employees – one that values a team atmosphere. We are all internally motivated to do the right things, do them the right way, do them at the right time, and execute all tasks with the right attitude. It is our belief that by building and implementing this type of culture, our customers win. In turn, we win as well.