How Does PermaSafe Work?

PermaSafe represents the cutting edge of sanitation technology on the market. We utilize a duo cleaning process that perpetually keeps non-porous surfaces free of microorganisms for 90 days or more. Our unique process has been registered for use with the EPA. We have the highest class of safety and consciousness possible for an active pesticide — which lands us on the EPA's "N" list for the best disinfectant available.

PermaSafe Work

Step 1 “Clean” is a one-stop chemical: No rinse or wipe necessary. It’s powerful enough to not only remove existing odors & allergens on a treated surface but also prevent future spread through its high percentage of efficiency. With effectiveness of 99.999%, we are able to achieve an exceptional five log kill standard of cleanliness on the surface; which is ideal for the electrostatic bonding used in our long-term cleaning solution: Step 2.

Step 2 “Shield” continues to kill all germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and all other microbes through our patented process for a period of 90 days or more following the application of Step 1. This “shield” is accomplished without the use of active chemical ingredients, which allows for a perpetually treated surface without having any chemical evaporation of our product. PermaSafe “Shield” disinfects perpetually by applying a proprietary, positively charged “Spike Shield.” Because all microbes are negatively charged, these positively charged spikes electrostatic-ally pull surface microbes closer where they will be electrocuted, ruptured, & destroyed. This process cannot be washed off or reversed chemically. The only known way to remove PermaSafe “Shield” is through intense mechanical abrasion or scraping.

Due to COVID-19, the EPA has activated their Emerging Pathogen Policy which states that if an existing EPA registered disinfectant has a kill claim against a similar virus, it shall be considered suitable for disinfection against all emerging pathogens - including COVID-19. Our Long-Term Antimicrobial System is effective against viruses similar to 2019-nCov, specifically against Feline Coronavirus, Strain WSU 79-1683, ATCC VR 989, and Canine Coronavirus, Strain 1-71, ATCC VR-809, and therefore can be used against COVID-19.