Capt. “Lux” Lakshman, MICS

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

“Capt.”, as his friends and colleagues know and call him, began his career in the shipping industry. As a 1982 graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy, Capt. quickly gained a reputation for his steadiness, leadership and decisiveness among tanker shipping captains in throughout the globe. Because of these attributes, and spending the 17 years on large tanker ships traveling to shipping ports all over the world, Capt. received his Captains license at a very young age, then ultimately spent his last 5 years on board ships as Master.

In 2003, Capt. combined his strong ability to analyze then re-engineer processes for deeper efficiencies, began to offer to the medical industry through business process outsourcing a unique program. With his proven, repeatable methods in place, physicians and hospitals have not only seen significant enhancements in productivity and accuracy, but steep reductions in costs as well.

In keeping with his business acumen, Capt. is also a passionate supporter of the empowerment of women in rural India, as well as local charities such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma society annual fund-raising tennis tournament. Lastly, his community leadership extends to serving as Commissioner on the Savannah Pilotage Commission and a member of the board of trustees for Savannah County Day School.